Posted by: Lauren--NY | June 12, 2010

The Easy Knotter®, from Designs by Reenie

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” ~Steve Jobs

I wanted to dedicate this blog entry to an incredible product that was invented by a dear friend and colleague, Maureen “Reenie” Oliveto of Designs by Reenie. Her Easy Knotter® is an outstanding device that makes it stunningly easy to make your own jewelry. It’s designed in such a way that it’s equally simple to use irrespective of your dominant hand, and allows for evenly-spaced, perfect knotting without messing around with a tweezer. It’s also an extraordinary opportunity to start your own home business and sell your jewelry, perhaps by starting an eBay store. It’s a terrific opportunity for everyone, and stay-at-home moms will certainly benefit.

From site: “Have you ever tried to make a work of knotted jewelry, only to become frustrated with the difficult and tedious task of creating even space between each bead? This caused me great difficulty during my early years as a designer. However, by applying the same creativity that I applied to all my projects, I was able to invent the perfect solution to this problem. By eliminating a key roadblock on your path to success as a beader, the Easy Knotter® allows you to unleash your imagination and begin creating all of the beautiful jewelry you’ve been dreaming of! […] The Easy Knotter® is compact, affordable, and most importantly, fun. What may have once been an alluring but challenging hobby is now a relaxing way to spend your time. Rather than working on a crossword puzzle for half an hour, you can create a necklace or pair of earrings to give as a gift, sell to customers, or simply wear yourself, showing off your creativity.”

Watch Reenie’s tutorial below:

Read some more blog press about the product here and here.

Place your orders here, and don’t forget to join the Facebook page!

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