Posted by: Lauren--NY | November 9, 2010

“Please take a few minutes to complete this survey for the Family Research Council.”

The Family Research Council, an organization that used to boast Dr. George Alan Rekers as a board member, would like to know what you think of them. First question: “Off the top of your head, what comes to mind when you think of the Family Research Council?”

Here’s what I supplied as an answer to that question: “Hate. Ignorance. Hypocrisy. A front group for junk science and a hateful agenda. Racism. Bigotry. Anti-gay hatred. Anti-trans hatred. Stupidity. George Rekers, Tony Perkins, and other closeted gay men. Murder. Suicide. Theocracy. Totalitarianism. Violence. Gay bashings. Dead trans women. Divisiveness. Lies. Anti-American. Anti-democracy. Anti-freedom. Anti-equality. Anti, anti, anti. LIES.”

Click here to respond.

(H/T Joe. My. God.)

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