Posted by: Lauren--NY | April 5, 2011

National Campaign to Share the Untold Stories of Muslims in America

“Is there something wrong with being Muslim in this country? The answer is no; that’s not America.” ~General Colin Powell

A dear college friend, who also happens to be a beautiful American Muslim, tipped me to the Unity Productions Foundation‘s video campaign, running now through April 15th, to help publicize the stories not of American Muslims, but those of their non-Muslim loved ones. The “National Campaign to Share the Untold Stories of Muslims in America” is a new media project dedicated to quelling the sickening rush of Islamophobia in the United States. It reminds me a bit of the “It Gets Better” video campaign, and I think it’s a great idea.

Here’s their message, which I am happy to pass to my readers (quoted verbatim from the note my friend posted to Facebook):

“62% of Americans have never met a Muslim.

Do you know a Muslim? Share your story through YouTube.


Recent mosque protests and congressional hearings on American Muslims are all unfortunate examples of a rising tide of fear.  This climate of suspicion towards our fellow Americans compromises the great values that our country was founded upon.

We are calling on concerned Americans like yourself to share a real life story about a Muslim friend, neighbor, or colleague that you admire.

Be the first to upload your video story to be included in this new national campaign.


Please submit only one video that is under three minutes. Once you’ve uploaded your video, send us the link via e-mail with the subject heading “My Muslim Story.”



Please sit directly in front of the camera/webcam and make sure to look into it when you speak.

Sound quality:

Please make sure to record your video in a quiet setting. Keep machinery and walking traffic in mind when recording.


Try to have light shine on your face from behind the camera. Natural lighting is superior to artificial lighting. The best time of the day to use natural lighting is one hour before sunset. Avoid recording at night or in the dark room.

YouTube Account:

In order to upload your video, you must have a valid YouTube account.  If you don’t have an account, sign up at


Deadline for all story submissions is Friday, April 15th at 11:59pm.


If you have a great story but don’t have a camera to record it, the first 30 stories will qualify to receive a free flip cam courtesy of UPF. ( For more information, send us an e-mail with the word “FREE FLIP CAM” in the subject heading.


We’re always on the lookout for stories from people with Muslim friends. If you want to join our team of storyseekers, please contact us (see below).


This campaign is being spearheaded by Unity Productions Foundation (, a nonprofit foundation that works to create peace through the media.


Khuram Zaman:

Daniel Tutt:

Hat tip to my awesome friend Holly and her family. You have ten days, people! Get to it!

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