Posted by: Lauren--NY | August 22, 2011

New Reports Say Marc Jacobs Could Head Dior

The Huffington Post reports that Marc Jacobs could be replacing John Galliano as the creative director at Christian Dior. LVMH head Bernard Arnault, who designs two of his own successful lines as well as Louis Vuitton, is in talks with Jacobs about heading up the House of Dior after Galliano was fired in March for being caught on tape making horrendously anti-Semitic comments. Rumors have swirled since Galliano’s firing regarding who would take the top job, including such unlikely guesses as Alexander Wang, Christian Lacroix and Keren Craig of Marchesa. However, it appears the reports about Jacobs taking the position are more than just rumors, as he is in serious talks.

According to Women’s Wear Daily, LVMH, owner of both Dior and Louis Vuitton as well as Marc Jacobs and many other luxury brands, has scheduled Dior representatives for meetings with Jacobs’s attorneys in Paris this coming week. The fashion world is exploding with excitement at the meshing of the names Christian Dior and Marc Jacobs, and the introduction of Jacobs as creative director would certainly increase morale at the House of Dior after the disaster of Galliano’s downfall. Taking the top job at Dior would require Jacobs to give up his current position as creative director at Louis Vuitton.

The report is unconfirmed as both Jacobs and representatives for Dior declined comment, but Women’s Wear Daily is considered an extremely reliable source within the fashion industry, and they have a source stating that while no deal has been inked, both Jacobs and Dior management are “excited” about the prospect. Get excited, fashion world–provided the contractual doldrums work out well, it looks like it very well might be Marc Jacobs for Dior.

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