Posted by: Lauren--NY | December 31, 2011

Jenny Lawson: Judgment, You’re Soaking In It

I’m late with everything, so I just got into reading The Bloggess this year. Good Lord, is she funny and brilliant. Jenny Lawson is the quintessential female Generation XYZ humor writer. It’s almost ridiculous for me to plug her because she’s such a huge star on the web, but if perchance you haven’t read her stuff, please hit the link. Everybody make a note of the fact that she has a memoir coming out in April called Let’s Pretend This Never Happened, which you can pre-order on Amazon. Here she is this past May reading one of her columns: “Judgment, You’re Soaking In It.” Follow Jenny on Twitter @TheBloggess.

“Terry, don’t bite the Hulk baby. It’s full of steroids and rage.”

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