Posted by: Lauren--NY | June 13, 2012

Earl E. Bird: The Annuity Blog That Looks Out for Consumers First

“A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him.” ~David Brinkley

My newest project is unique and exciting: I am running public relations and social media for a new blog about annuities and retirement planning, Earl E. Bird. This project is unique because it’s very rare that a person can find third-party information about annuity products that isn’t provided by someone trying to sell a product. Bob Hock, the author of this blog, wants to use his twenty years of financial experience and a fun cast of cartoon characters to make an intimidating topic easier to swallow in order to look out for America’s seniors. He was inspired by the legendary partnership between MetLife and Peanuts Worldwide, and enlisted the help of a tremendously talented independent artist named Pope Phoenix to create Earl E. Bird and the adorable gang. Baby Boomers and the “sandwich generation” will want to pay special attention, but anybody interested in retirement planning and personal finance will benefit from this advice. is dedicated to consumer advocacy and freedom of information, and is not designed to make a profit. It fits into my overarching interest of generational studies, and I’m thrilled to be a part of the team.

We’re hoping to connect with other bloggers who are providing similar free resources on retirement and personal finance, so if  you have a blog with such a concentration, or you have any blog that’s geared toward the Baby Boomers and/or the retired set, we’d love for you to cover us or do a link exchange–if you have any interest in that or would like to score an interview with Bob, please shoot me an email at Earlebird123 at Gmail. You can check out our Squidoo lens, like us on Facebook, follow us on Google Plus, and follow us on Twitter @AnnuityEarl!

I’m still writing for and very much enjoying my experience working for Skyword, which is the reason for the lack of action on this here blog. Recently I have covered the Diamond Jubilee and other royal happenings; you can continue to find my editorials here.

As always, new readers can see what I’m all about at Laurie Beth’s Grotto. You can also check out the site overview and Twitter.

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